Real Estate Photography Prices


Standard $10

The Standard price includes a single exposure per angle. After 10 images, the cost is reduced to $8/image. If windows get unacceptably overexposed, it is recommended you upgrade to the


Standard Plus $12

With Standard Plus, a second exposure will be taken to show detail through the window. The two exposures are then blended into one.This greatly improves the professional look of the photo and is highly recommended when needed to avoid the dreaded window “white-out”.


HDR $20

HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) are the best quality real estate photos. From three to seven exposures are taken and then meticulously blended together to create one stunning photograph. Your clients will see the photos as if they were there! No blown out windows, no harsh shadows or blinding sun spots, and no texture-less backsplashes. Only beautiful, high definition detail. Request HDR only when you want the best! After 5 images, the cost is reduced to $15/image.


Photoshop Work

All requested Photoshop work (we do minor touch ups and blue sky add-ins in house) is sent to BoxBrownie, an Australian based service that provides highly competitive pricing and a 24-48 hour turnaround. This is a “pass-through” cost-we charge only what the service costs us. No upcharges. No service fees. Just a courtesy that will save you dollars! Compare these prices to our competitors!

Blue Sky $12

Item Removal from $16

Virtual Staging from $32

3D Rendering from $280

Floor Plans from $24



Reshoots are an inevitable part of the real estate business, whether it be because of new paint, new staging, or a complete overhaul. Ar crd studios we don't think the agent should have to pay full price to come back and take an additional 3 photos. At crd, you pay only for what you need. If only three shots are required you only pay for three using our individual pricing. Just another way we have your back!


Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is simple and straight forward. Notify us 24 hrs or more in advance to avoid any cancellation fee. Day-of cancellations or no-shows are charged a $50 fee. If an reshoot can be rescheduled within 5 business days no cancellation fee will apply, even for same day cancellations



Headshots $150

When was the last time you updated your marketing photo? Chances are it's been far too long! Just let crd studios bring our professional lighting setup to your home or office and we'll get that taken care of with no hassles or inconvenience to you.

This price is for one client if done alone (1 per sitting). The agent will receive a selection of up to 24 pics to chose from (delivered in digital format). The photo can be either outside (on location) or using a portable studio backdrop. After choosing a final image, a full res version will be sent sized at whatever specs are required. 

Headshots $75 ea. for 2 or more clients.