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Experience the crd difference! At crd studios, the agent is our primary concern. Let's count the ways.



Appointments are easy to make with crd studios. Just a phone call or (preferably) a text/email with your preferred time and boom! Consider it done. If there is a conflict with another appointment we will accommodate you at your earliest possible convenience, not ours. No forty-eight hour advance notice, no four hour windows (we are NOT the cable company!). Alternatively, our company calendar will be publicly available and will allow you, the client, to see what times are available at a glance and to simply schedule your own appointment. How easy is that?!



At crd, there are no confusing or convoluted “packages”. We off three types of photos- Standard, Standard Plus, and HDR. That's it! You can mix and match to your heart's content. We make knowing your photo costs easy and straightforward. There is a ten photo minimum.



All photos will be uploaded the same day they are shot. If you provide us with your MLS password we will upload the photos for you. Otherwise the photos will be uploaded to Dropbox, from which you can download them at your convenience. The only exceptions will be those images that require Photoshop work. For services such as object removal, virtual staging, and floor plans there is a 24-48 hour turnaround. All Photoshop work will be sent to BoxBrownie and will be billed as a pass-through cost. No up-charging. No service fees. Total transparency. You are encouraged to check out their web site at www.BoxBrownie.com.


Our Method

At crd studios we offer two tiers of photos:


Standard Series

The standard series is generally a single exposure. But it is so much more than that. The photo that pops up on the iPad at the property location is only the beginning. Each image is optimized to its fullest potential. We adjust exposure, eliminate color casts, even the lighting, and sharpen the photo. If necessary, a second exposure is always taken to avoid the unprofessional window “white-out”. Although there are times where the white out is acceptable (as in a typical Chicago neighborhood where the side windows often show only a brick wall of the adjacent house) more often it is better to show at least some detail in the window view.


HDR Series

The HDR series is distinguished from the standard series by the number of exposures taken. Anywhere from 3 to 7 photos are taken of each room/angle to show the complete dynamic range of the scene. These exposures are then blended together into one stunning photo. HDR brings out the full potential of any property and is well worth the added expense. The photo practically jumps off the screen! HDR is especially suited to highlight a stunning view from a Loop condo or to avoid blowing out the beautiful backsplash in that million dollar property you just commissioned.


Viewing Images

All photos taken are immediately displayed on a beautiful 9.7 inch color corrected iPad. No squinting to look at a two or three inch image on the back of the camera. Which would you rather look at to decide if a photo meets your standards?


The RAW Difference

All photos shot by crd studios are taken in the RAW format. All the information in a particular scene can only be fully realized by shooting in RAW. It is in effect the “digital negative”. It takes extra time to process a RAW photo but the professional results are well worth the effort!



Reshoots are an unfortunate fact of life in the real estate industry. Does your current photography provider charge you full price for a reshoot where you might only need two or three pictures? Well, at crd studios, those days are over! If you need us to come back to reshoot the living room because the client finally took your advice and repainted that garish lime green wall a more pleasant and sellable neutral grey tone, you only have to pay a $50 reshoot fee. It includes up to 5 photos. Limit of three reshoots per property.



Once we have your credit card on file you will be billed automatically upon completion of job. We also accept Zelle or Venmo electronic payment.